The AI 4K webcam for live streaming!

    Lovense smart webcam for live streaming
    The AI 4K webcam for live streaming!
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    Ultra hight cam girls webcam resolution
    Ultrahigh resolution

    Live streaming made easy

    AI Auto Tracking

    webcam auto tracking

    Stay in the frame all the time

    Hand Gesture Control

    hand gesture control

    Zoom-in & out without a remote

    Auto Focus

    Webcam with auto focus

    No more blurry shots

    Noise Canceling

    Noise cancelling

    Shut out the noise

    Privacy Control

    Privacy control

    Leave your seat with ease

    Hassle-free Set Up

    Easy set up

    Start live streaming easily with Lovense

    Make your skin glow in ultra HD 4K resolution

    Let your AI assistant take care of the webcam angle

    Entertain viewers by zooming in on what they want to see

    Digital zoom up to 4×

    with no more blurry shots.
    Lovense Smart webcam
    Lovense Webcam
    Traditional webcam
    Traditional webcam
    1/2 inch sensor captures life-like detail in any light, even in dark rooms
    1/2 inch sensor ultra hd webcam
    1/2 inch sensor

    HDR balances the highlights and shadows perfectly

    * HDR mode is currently only supported for 1080p@24/25/30fps and 720p@24/25/30fps.
    Keep your voice clear of noise

    Turn on the noise canceling feature.


    Adjust the view as you like with the flexible 3-axis gimbal

    Super lightweight small ultra hd hight quality webcam for streming platform like chaturbate, Camsode, Cam4, Strpchat and many others
    Super lightweight, small, high-quality webcam


    1/2" 4k sensor, F1.8 aperture, max video resolution: 3840x2160@30fps, 1920x1080@60fps (30fps with HDR), 1088x1920 (vertical)


    63x35x45 mm (2.48x1.38x1.77 in)


    106 grams (0.23 lbs)

    Instantly engage with your fans

    Get engaged with you fans instantly
    Horizontal Orientation
    Portrait Orientation
    Share vertical shots to social media-ready in uncropped 9:16.

    Built-in privacy protection

    Webcam automatically points downwards within 10 seconds of inactivity.

    Lovense Webcam is highly compatible with Lovense Camming Software

    The Lovense Webcam is tip activated with the Lovense Cam Extension and OBS, or Lovense Stream Master.

    Let your viewers zoom in on what they want when controlling your Lovense sex toys.

    You can use Lovense Webcam with any software such as Zoom, Skype, etc.

    Start live streaming easily with adult-webcam platforms

    Unboxing Lovense Webcam
    What’s in the box:

    Lovense Webcam x1

    USB-C Cable x1

    USB-C to USB-A Adapter x1

    Recognition Marker x4

    User Manual x1

    Lovense software compatibilty
    Lovense Connect

    Lovense Connect

    (2.8.6 or newer for iOS and 3.0.2 or newer for Android)
    Lovense Cam Extension

    Lovense Cam Extension

    (30.7.0 and later)
    Lovense Stream Master

    Stream Master

    (1.2.2 or newer)

    Lovense OBS Toolset

    (2.0.8 and later)
    Lovense Webcam specs



    Supported at a distance of 10cm (4in) to ∞

    AI Tracking

    Supports with and without AI zoom


    Dual noise-canceling microphones


    1x Touch Key




    Via USB-C to USB-C cable (USB 2.0) or Type-C to Type-A adapter

    Digital Zoom

    Up to 4×



    Exposure Compensation

    ±3 EV

    Fixed FOV

    DFOV 79.5°, HFOV 67°


    Supported for 1080p@24/25/30fps and 720p@24/25/30fps




    Portrait, DeskView, Overhead

    Mounting Options

    1/4” mounting point for tripod mounting and a built-in clip for computer screen mounting

    Operating Temperature

    0°C to 40℃ (32°F to 104°F)

    Power Consumption


    System Requirements

    Operating System: Windows 8 or later (Windows 8.1 or higher required for 4K); macOS 10.13 or later. RAM: 2GB RAM or more for 1080p or higher; 1GB for 720p.

    Shutter Speed






    Video Resolution

    4K@24/25/30fps, 1080p@24/25/30/50/60fps, 720p@24/25/30/50/60fps

    Video Coding Format

    H.264 (all resolutions and frame rates), MJPEG (4K@24/25fps, 1080p all frame rates, 720p all frame rates)

    White Balance



    106g (3.73oz)

    35mm Equivalent Focal Length


    Lovense Webcam-sex toy
    Lovense Webcam-sex toy
    Lovense Webcam-sex toy
    Lovense Webcam-sex toy
    Lovense Webcam
    The AI 4K webcam for live streaming
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    5.0 out of 5
    Based on 8 ratings
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    Great clear picture even in 720p resolution! Totally worth it!
    So I got a new Webcam, honestly in love. Focus is amazing, love that it follows me, the picture is so clear, and the way it is synced with me is mind blowing. Last Webcam had lag and like Id talk 4 seconds later video talked. Not this Webcam love it! It is so worth the price
    I’m a cam model and I use this for my shows everyday! Great quality video and audio!
    Amazing quality, usbc, and tiny. Definitely got more viewers after using this cam! Love it... now my oiled up cockt has that 4K shine! 🤣
    Cam works perfectly, nice integrated with the obs tools. And the ai zoom function works nice.
    Lovense Webcam
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