Twirl into the world of anal

    Anal beads are the perfect toy to begin your exploration into anal play regardless of gender, sexuality, or experience level.

    Not like other anal beads

    Unlike other beads, Ridge isn't static. It delivers strong vibrations, and rotational movement, which can be separately controlled, to add more than just a filling sensation.

    up to 116 rotations /min.

    Pleasure through movement

    The small beads slip in and out easily, gradually getting bigger as you become more comfortable and confident. For the best results pull out the beads just as you're about to climax.

    Extra stimulation to erogenous zones for heightened climax

    For male For female

    Pleasure for the prostate

    Not only do the vibrations from the base and beads feel heavenly on your anus, but the combination of vibration and rotation also gently massage the prostate to deliver a full-body orgasm, different from what you get from penile stimulation.

    Indirect stimulation to the G-spot and A-spot

    In addition to vibrations from the base and beads feeling heavenly on your anus, the combination of vibration and rotation indirectly stimulates the A-spot and G-spot, enhancing orgasmic potential.

    Take a closer look

    Sleek rotating tip

    Easy to insert and provides two-way 360° rotational massage.

    Strong but quiet vibration

    Powerful motor creates intense vibrations with low noise for discreet play.

    Safe base

    The ergonomic flared base makes it easy to hold while sliding in and out and prevents the toy from fully entering the body.

    Flexible bottom joint

    Bend to suit all positions and play styles.

    IPX7 Waterproof

    Full silicone cover makes it waterproof, easy to clean, and safe to use.

    Lovense Remote app
    extends your anal play

    Lovense Ridge Thrusting, Rotating & Vibrating anal beads with app extends your anal pleasure
    Close-Range Control

    Close-Range Control

    Long-Distance Control

    Long-Distance Control

    Unlimited Vibration Patterns

    Unlimited Vibration Patterns

    Set Vibration Levels

    Set Vibration Levels

    Sound Activated

    Sound Activated

    Sync to Music

    Sync to Music

    Compatible with:

    iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 14.2 and later丨Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

    Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

    Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

    Any Lovense toy connects directly to Windows PC using a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter

    Any Lovense toy connects directly to Windows PC using a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter

    Lovense Ridge Thrusting, Rotating & Vibrating anal beads for solo woman or man play

    Solo play

    Explore the pattern library to discover how you like to vibrate and rotate.

    Partner play

    Use it on your partner, or vice versa, during foreplay or penetrative sex. With double penetration, you double the pleasure.

    Lovense Ridge small Thrusting, Rotating & Vibrating ass plug improve couple partner foreplay or penetrative sex
    Lovense Ridge best remote app controlled vibrating anal beads for long distance relationship
    New York

    Long-distance play

    Give your partner control of the rotation and vibration, over any distance, while you focus on moving the Ridge for optimal anal pleasure.

    Product specifications

    Lovense Ridge Vibrating, Rotating & Thrusting anal Beads/Plug specifications

    Product Name







    Li-polymer battery



    Charging Time


    Battery Life

    Up to 2.42h

    Vibration Patterns

    7 default patterns (Unlimited patterns with Lovense Remote app)

    Water Repellency

    IPX7 waterproof


    1 year

    What’s included

    What’s included

    Ridge x 1

    USB charging cable x 1

    User manual x 1

    Storage bag x 1

    Ridge-sex toy
    Ridge-sex toy
    Ridge-sex toy
    Ridge-sex toy
    App-controlled Vibrating and Rotating Anal Beads
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    From our fans


    Ridge vibrates accordingly with whatever the content you would like to enjoy.


    You can also enjoy it in the shower with your partner or alone as you want.


    No batteries needed, rechargeable. You're going to have endless amount of fun with yourself, or your partner.

    Lovense Ridge reviews

    I love the base as it is a bit squishy. That makes long play even more comfy.
    Surprisingly stimulating despite its smaller size. It packs a punch above its size due to the rotation feature and strong vibration.
    Absolutely love the rotation feature. Did not know I needed this in my life.
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    5.0 out of 5
    Based on 5 ratings
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    I love it it gets me to want more to see what the different combos are with the lovenes toys
    It’s like a thin hush 2 that is much longer, does what you expect. If you own a hush 2, you know you’re getting something good with an extra ability
    This was a lot bigger and longer than I had pictured in my head. But was exactly what I needed to add to spice things up.
    This was the surprise I didnt know I needed. By playing around with the pattern maker on the app Ive discovered some mind blowing combinations between the vibration and rotating head and felt things Ive never felt before. Its a lot quieter than the other toys Ive tried - hoping the casing around the base doesnt get too loose too quickly and get too noisy like my former favourite Edge 2
    I give a 5, as it does as intended. I am not disappointed, but I do hope they make a thicker version at some point. I love it, Lovense is awesome.
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